Alllright hello! Let’s meet Kath Barbadoro! She’s this week’s funny human of the week. What a nice thing, you know? She’s an Austin-based comic who is quite funny online and IRL! Here’s a clip to get you acquainted:

Good, right?? Let’s get to know her more on a personal level during this interview, recorded at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in 2012.

Kath is one of the main folks behind ATX Uncensored(ish), a comedy show on Austin’s local CW network! Here’s a recent clip from the show, which finds Kath tasked with a very unsavory punishment for missing a few pitch meetings.

I started following Kath on Twitter a few months ago and she has quickly become one of my favorite Tweeters. Here are some examples of why:

Alright, cool. One last thing before we go, it’s another clip from ATX Uncensored(ish), it’s a remote from a comic convention in Austin, where Kath tries to guess the various costumes of the myriad nerds that showed up in full force! See you next week!