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Okay! Here we go, let’s meet another hugely talented comedy person whose jokes are unbelievable. This week’s funny human is the incomparable Karen Kilgariff, a writer, musician, and comedian who has been being the best for a long time now! You might recognize Karen from the 3rd and/or 4th seasons of Mr. Show, or from her wildly popular crime podcast My Favorite Murder, which is super good and you should listen to it. She’s also a real great comedian, who plays music but isn’t like, you know, your typical “musical comedian” (embarrassing). Watch a clip of her performing alongside fellow musician/comedian Drennon Davis on Conan!

Great, right? Let’s get to know her on a more personal level here with this here interview segment, c/o Melinda Hill’s webseries All Growz Up!

Here’s another song from Karen, this one performed on the Jimmy Dore Show!

Karen’s one of the best on Twitter there is. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof:

Karen was, for a good while, the head writer for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which is so cool. Here’s a sketch from 2007 featuring Karen as Ellen’s roving reporter for a very festive Saint Patrick’s Day celebration!

On our way out, I’m going to leave you with a long one, that will sustain through your work day much longer than this here article. It’s the first episode of My Favorite Murder, which you’ll love right away. Listen to this and then all the other episodes and then meet me back here next week and we’ll catch up!