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HEY how are you? I’m good! Let’s talk about a jokeperson who you should know about! This week we’re gonna meet Julio Torres, a very funny New York-based comedian who was selected as a New Face at Just for Laughs Montreal last month, a highly sought after superlative. Let’s find out why he totally deserved such a distinction! Here’s a clip of him performing at Carolines!

Let’s get to know Julio better, okay? This is a clip from an anime-themed Late Night Talk show called Manga Melt. Only in New York, you know???

I really like Julio’s Twitter feed. It’s real silly, with a lotta jokes flying at you! Here’s some favorites:

Here’s another clip, this time it’s him performing at cool NYC show called the Macaulay Culkin Show. It’s hard to do this sort of abstract, downtempo “Brooklyn” comedy well but I definitely think Julio does! Lotta fun!

Those Bushwick haikus! So great, you know??

Okay, one last joke. Here’s a short werido clip that we’ll enjoy together before splitting up again until next week! Seeya then.