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Hey! Here we go with another talented jokeperson who I bet you’ll appreciate! This week’s human is Josh Gondelman, an NYC-based comedian whose jokes you have almost definitely laughed at, perhaps without even knowing it! He’s a writer on the wildly popular and good Last Week Tonight, and recently released an album of standup comedy, on top of that. Let’s get a taste of that standup to kick things off, here’s Josh on Conan earlier this year!

Quality stuff! Josh is also the creator of the wildly popular Modern Seinfeld twitter account, HEARD OF IT?? Let’s learn more about that in this interview!

Josh released his first book last year, it’s called You Blew It: An Awkward Look at the Many Ways in Which You’ve Already Ruined Your Life and it’s like half guidebook half sociological study but ALL funny. Signature-Reads dot com has an exclusive excerpt of the book that you can read before you take the plunge on the full thing (which you will).

Socially Graceless: ‘You Blew It’ Covers Modern Ways to Fail at Life

I mentioned before that he created @SeinfeldToday account, here are some of Josh’s greatest hits from that feed:

And then here’s a sampling of his main, @joshgondelman account!

Speaking of Twitter, here is an installment of the very goofy high concept webseries Conversations with a Twitter Feed, where real life Josh tries to have a conversation with Questlove’s tweets! It’s fun!


Before we go, a clip that is slightly more inside baseball. This is a clip of Josh doing standup AS Todd Barry and just absolutely doing a great job at it. Watch and marvel! See you later!