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So, you might have heard the news, Saturday Night Live is keeping their entire 35 person cast from last season, and will be adding one new cast member, as well! Who is it? It’s Jon Rudnitsky, an LA-based standup and comedic actor (LA-based until later this month, I bet, what with his new TV gig!) who’s developed quite the following online! Let’s check him out before his SNL debut. Here’s a clip of him doing a character monologue!

Fun! I bet he’ll do good on the TV! Magnetic and all that. Big. Likeable.

I mentioned that in addition to his high quality skills as a comedy performer, he does standup, as well! Let’s take a look at a recent video of that!

You gotta be on Twitter as a comic. Tagging, faving, interacting with fans. All that. Is Jon on Twitter? YES OF COURSE. Here are some tweets of his:


Let’s watch a couple more videos to quench our thirst for new SNL content between now and the season premiere on October 3rd. Here’s him in a House of Cards parody!

And here’s perhaps his best-known work to date, a True Detective parody released before this year’s Oscars. What a McConaughey impression on this fella! See you next week!