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Hello! Another week, another funny human! This week’s human is a Nashville-born, long time NYC-based actor, filmmaker, and comedian John Early, a hugely gifted comedic talent, with an amazing physicality and ability to inhabit highly specific and absurd comic characters onstage and on film. Here’s a clip of a fantastic slow-burn character piece he performed live in New York a few years ago.


John’s a frequent collaborator with former Funny Human of The Week Kate Berlant. Their video work together is hugely impressive, with trenchantly observed and fully realized characterizations of falsely self-aware egomaniacs and new agey weirdos. Let’s watch a short called SEX, which is a great illustration of their dynamic together.

I didn’t realize I wasn’t following John on Twitter until this morning. I’m glad I fixed this problem. If you’re not already on board, you should be! Perfectly unstable bites of off-kilter bits and cutting observations. Here are some of my favorites:




This next clip is called Skindergarten and it’s unnerving and anxiety-inducing but I can’t totally put my finger on why. John plays a Kindergarten teacher struggling to retain her class’ attention and it makes me nervous. I also love it.

To play us out for another week, let’s watch this insanely spot-on, shot-for-shot remake of a scene from Showgirls, shot to promote John’s new one man show, Literally Me. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen Showgirls, here’s the original clip for reference.