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Hello! Let’s get to know the incredibly funny Joel Kim Booster, a New York City-based standup who just recently had his late night debut on Conan! Joel’s just the best. He is also one of my favorite guests featured on Season One of 7 Minutes in Purgatory, a comedy show I helped create with former funny human Ian Abramson that is now a webseries on Comedy Central dot com! Here’s his segment, recorded in November of last year.

He’s great right? He’s just great. And not just at standup! He’s a talented comedic actor as well, as evidenced in this bite sized lil’ clip from a webseries called Sad Marriage!

I mentioned earlier that he appeared on Conan recently. That’s true and you can watch his performance here:

Joel is also a very funny comedic writer, whose contributions to the satire site Reductress are some of the best. Click the image below (which is just a sample of some of his recent hits), to check out his full list of contributions!

JKB reductress


Joel’s Twitter handle is @IHateJoelKim which is just nonsense because how could you hate him? He’s great and so good at doing Twitter jokes. Here are some favs:


So we started things off with Joel performing in an unusual situation, let’s close it out with another… Here’s his appearance on Comedians in Public, performing to people near the water in Brooklyn!