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Friends, as I’m sure you’ve heard, Netflix is planning on continuing its hyperaggressive move into the standup comedy world by releasing just a ton of specials in 2019 from comedians from all over the world. On New Years Day alone, they’re dropping 47 specials, featuring folks familiar to US-based comedy fans, like Nicole Byer and Neal Brennan, as well as a slew of comics that you may not be familiar with. One such person in the latter category is Joel Creasey, an Australia-based comic, who is extremely popular over there and likely will be here soon too! Let’s watch a clip.

In addition to being a very fun and funny standup, Joel’s also the host of a very wild dating game show called Take Me Out, which is sort of like The Dating Game meets that MTV show Next. Remember Next? What a nightmare that show was! This one looks fun tho.

Here’s a fun segment Joel did for GQ Australia, where he looks back at past covers, giving his take on the best and weirdest covers of their two decade run.

Joel’s on Twitter! Of course he is! Get more Joel in your feed. Here are some good posts:

On our way out, let’s watch another short standup clip that aired on Australian TV a few years back. Real fun one!