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Hi folks! We’re back to discuss another up-and-coming comedian whose jokes I think you’ll like. This week’s Funny Human of the Week is Joel Boyd, a comic based in LA who was just very recently named one of Just For Laughs’ 2018 New Faces. He’s also written for TBS’s Drop The Mic and was named a Comic to Watch by Comedy Central, so let’s take their advice and watch him right now!

Back in his days performing comedy in Chicago, Joel regularly performed with the comedy collective The MLKs of Comedy, who produce live shows and video sketches like the one below, where he’s the co-host of their webseries WOKE NEWS.

Our new friend Joel has been at this for a bit, here’s a clip from a few years back, where he talks about his outlook on life as a single man.

We all can agree that twitter is a nightmare from which we can’t (or choose not to) escape. Go ahead and give Joel a follow to make your feed less awful, with quality goofs like these!

On our way out, let’s watch another comedy short featuring Joel, this one is a well-shot short film about a guy who was born with a unique physical situation. It’s great!