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I live in Chicago now, but the first 20 years of my life were spent in Buffalo, NY, home of snow, chicken wings, and the Buffalo Bills (and nothing else, which is why I live in Chicago now). Though I’m hardly a sports nut, I grew up with Bills games soundtracking many fall Sundays and I still have a soft spot for the perennially disappointing team. So, following an especially embarrassing loss to conference rivals the Miami Dolphins a few weeks ago, I cued up this video of former Buffalonian Joe Pera to show my girlfriend.

This joke blew my mind when I first saw someone share it on Facebook. Joe’s slow, deliberate style takes a second to wrap your head around; he writes jokes that sound like letters to the editor in a local Pennysaver newspaper. It was super exciting stumbling upon this dude, few comics have such a distinct and recognizable style this early on in their career. Let’s watch another clip!

Joe’s now based in New York City, where he gets to perform in exciting shows like this one at the historic Caroline’s, where comics are given only one minute apiece to perform. I love this video a lot:

Here’s some highlights from Joe’s underfollowed Twitter account! Get on board, everyone!



One last thing before the Thanksgiving break – Joe has a great webseries produced by MTV called Pancake Breakfast Critic, where he travels to different small town community breakfasts to get to know the local cuisine and speak with some folks. It’s a very good webseries that you should get into! So heartwarming!