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Time for another one of these things! Let’s meet a great comedian based in NYC, Jo Firestone! She’s very funny and full of creative, original ideas, crafting shows, videos, and other weird conceptual things all over New York and the Internet. Let’s get to know her a bit through an interview segment on the New York live talk show Running Late with Scott Rogowsky!

She hosts a well-loved show in Brooklyn called Punderdome with HER DAD. It’s a pun competition and her Dad, a Rodney Dangerfield impersonator, co-hosts! Let’s watch some of THAT.

Me? I’m a big fan of Jo on Twitter. I think you will be too. Look at some of these primo tweets!

Here’s a segment from the very good show The Special Without Brett Davis featuring Jo Firestone, where she plays the present half of a half-absent duo act! Love this thing.

I like this video sketch. Jo’s struggling to put together a profile for an online dating site! You’ve been there!

Speaking of dating, here’s one last video, this one’s called a trailer for the show Friends of Single People, a brainy, silly dating game show Jo created and hosts. Would you go on this if you had the chance? Shout out your answers in the comments below, friends!!!!!!!!!