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Oh man, can you believe it’s time to do Funny Human of the Week again? I can! Let’s get right into it: Jesus Trejo, a Los Angeles-based comic who you may have seen on The Late Late Show or Adam Devine’s House Party, is our funny human for the week. Here’s him doing standup on Corden, where he talks about the trials and tribulations of living and caring for with his aging parents.

Here’s Jesus nailing a perfect score on the semi-convoluted comedy competition Comedy Circuits. Really funny!

Not only is our new friend Jesus super funny, he also knows magic! Here he is freaking Bobby Lee’s bean with a wild sharpie trick.

Y’all still on Twitter? It’s a bad site full of people screaming all the time but there are still some funny people out there doing their thing, as well. Like Jesus! Here’s some high quality stuff from him recently:

On our way out, let’s watch a video version of Jesus’ appearance on Felipe Esparza’s podcast What’s Up Fool? It’s a good one!