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Alright friends, it’s time for another round of Funny Human of the Week. This week’s featured performer is Jes Tom, a New York-based comedian/writer/performer who is super funny (as you’ll soon discover). Let’s watch a recent set of theirs!

You can see Jes in the recently released Funny or Die film Soojung Dreams of Fiji, let’s watch a clip of the film below and then stream the whole thing on Amazon right after!

Let’s get to know our new friend Jes on a more personal level during this in-depth interview with another recently featured Funny Human, Patti Harrison. They get deep into the complex world of dating while trans/non-binary. It’s Convers(at)ion Therapy!

Just like many Funny Humans before them, Jes is extremely good on Twitter. Here are some recent high quality posts!

On the way out, let’s stream Jes’ excellent, self-produced half hour special Cold Brew recorded in late 2016.