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Okay, here’s another one of these! It’s Tuesday and that means Funny Human of the Week time, and this week we’re talking about Jerrod Carmichael, who recently released his first standup special (which is also his first time doing standup on television), Love At The Store, which was directed by Spike Lee, produced by Funny or Die, and aired on HBO. Pretty solid details, huh?

Jerrod’s only 26 but is a total monster onstage, with a relaxed, conversational tone and goofy, observational flights of fancy. Let’s watch a short clip from Love At The Store!

That’s not nearly enough standup, so here’s more, a recent clip of his appearance on Picture This!, a multimedia standup show produced by recent Funny Human of The Week, Brandie Posey. Things get dark.

In promotion of Love At The Store, Jerrod took a unique marketing approach: he sponsored a peewee football team. In this short video, it’s clear he learned a lot about the game, working with children, and himself.

Jerrod’s one of those occasional Tweeters, but when he does check in, it’s often gold! Let’s take a look at some favs.




Before we go, let’s watch this ridiculous clip from a night at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood a few years ago when Fatlip, of the fantastic 90’s hip hop collective The Pharcyde, was sitting in the audience and Jerrod recognized him. Things go off the rails in an amazing way and Jerrod spends the rest of his set trying to recover.

That’s Jerrod Carmichael, everybody! Be like me and use your coworker’s parent’s HBO GO log in to watch his special as soon as possible. See you next week!