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Yes! We’re doing it again! Another week, another funny human. This week we’re talking Jermaine Fowler, a standup comic and writer whose new sketch show, Friends of The People, debuts tonight of TruTV! Jermaine has been featured as a New Face at Just For Laughs Montreal, and is a regular on MTV’s Guy Code, and is also very funny. Let’s watch a clip of his standup from a College Humor live show a few years back:

Friends of The People also features a bunch of future FHOTWs like The Lucas Bros, Jennifer Bartels, Lil Rel, and many more up-and-coming comics. The show’s roots can be traced back to a failed reboot of In Living Color, which was set to feature Jermaine, Jennifer, and Lil Rel. When that show didn’t take off, these three comics chose to keep working together and got to work on a new sketch show! The rest is future history! Let’s watch a clip!

I mentioned before that Jermaine was a Guy Code regular! I’ve never seen that show but as far as I understand it’s a Best Week Ever-type panel show but about, like, dude stuff. Like how to kiss girls but still seem tough? Here’s a short clip of Jermaine on Guy Code!

Just like many Funny Humans before him, Jermaine’s great at the tweets. Here’s a taste:





Okay, it’s almost time to go, but let’s watch one more clip of Jermaine before we go. Also, hey, if you live in the DC area, it turns out dude’s gonna be at the DC Improv all weekend! Look at that. Go see this man do jokes and then also watch his TV show when it’s on! G’bye!