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Let’s do this, friends, let’s meet another funny person whose comedy I think you’ll be into! Let’s watch some videos starring comedian Jenny Zigrino, who you have seen on Conan, @Midnight, Girl Code, or other things! She’s going places, but we’re here to look back on where she’s been. Including Conan in 2015!

Here’s Jenny goofin on dogs with Affion Crockett and Marlon Wayans on @Midnight. Good stuff.

Jenny’s the star of a super funny web series called Totally Tiffany!, a series that follows Tiffany Trump as she adjusts to life as the least famous Trump child.

Our new friend Jenny also appeared in Bad Santa 2, here’s her appearance on the red carpet of the premiere, giving making the best of a pretty awkward scenario! She’s fun!!

Do you not already follow Jenny on Twitter? Get your life together, dude. She’s good on there, here are some recent favs:

Before we go, here’s a real fun installation of Jenny’s web series The Filling Is Mutual, that she co-created with future funny human Jen Saunderson. It’s a cooking show where they make a dish called “dicks in a kimono” which will make more sense when you watch it. See you next time!