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By Matt Bryne

Hello! This week’s Funny Human is appearing at BYT’s fabulous Bentzen Ball this weekend, has written for Late Show with David Letterman and now works as a field producer for The Daily Show. She’s also a very funny standup comic. It’s Jena Friedman! Her material’s super dark and intelligent, and landing her exuberant features in publications like Interview Magazine, New York Magazine, and The Huffington Post. Let’s get acquainted:

Jena’s behind an excellent webseries called Ted and Gracie, which was featured on Gawker and LaughSpin. She stars alongside another Bentzen Ball-er, Ben Kronberg in this excellent parody of the New York Times’ soul-crushingly banal couples profiles that we’ve all hateread/watched at least once. Here’s the first episode!

Her work as segment producer on The Daily Show means she’s behind many of the pretaped segments you’ll see midway through the show, before the interview, after Jon Stewart yelling at Fox News. You can read a little about the production of the following clip in this Rolling Stone feature, where Jena gets a mention!

You should figure out what over 11,000 of your peers already have and follow Jena on Twitter. Here’s a sampling of what to expect if you do!

So to close out this week’s column, let’s watch an interview she did with Jimmy “The Rent Is Too Damn High” McMilan in 2012, which delves deeper into the psyche of this folk hero, who apparently received 1.5 million emails from young women looking for love during his campaign. After watching this, you’ll agree it’s no wonder Jena got picked up by The Daily Show a few years later, she’s able to capture the satirical spirit of the show a without directly aping its style. So good!