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Okay, in honor the premiere of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, we’re gonna meet one of the show’s writers, the formerly Chicago-based Jen Spyra! We’ve written about other Colbert writers before they were Colbert writers on here, like Daniel Kibblesmith and Cullen Crawford! They’re both great! So is Jen! She used to write and direct videos for The Onion, including the exceedingly great The Onion’s Film Standard series. Let’s watch one of those right now!

Here’s a fun one-off from the Onion, talking about how it was back when Grandpa was a boy! This hits home for me. I’m sure it does for you too.

You should follow Jen on Twitter. It’s a good feed full of quality jokes. Here are some examples:

Okay, as we know, Jen’s a really excellent comedy writer (of course she is, she writes for Colbert and used to work for The Onion!). These series of pieces are not as embeddable as videos or tweets, but are also very good and funny!

This is a very great McSweeneys piece about a boy’s journey into manhood!

I like this piece from the Hairpin a lot, it’s like proto-ClickHole! Remember the world before ClickHole??? And finally, here’s something from Valentine’s Day 2014, a guide to ettiquette around the office during the most lovey of dovey days.

Let’s watch one last episode of the Spyra-helmed The Onion’s Film Standard, this one taking a look back at one of the greatest films ever made! This is perhaps my favorite installment!