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Friends, we’re back to discuss the work and fast-rising career of another up-and-coming comedy person! It’s Funny Human of the Week, and this week’s funny human is the NYC-based standup/actor/writer Jay Jurden, whose work you may have seen on MTV News, Vulture, McSweeney’s or other hot spots on the net. Jay was also recently named one of Just For Laughs 2019’s New Faces, which is great news! Here’s a fun clip to start us out:

Next up is another fun set shot at a Standup NBC event, tons of wild stuff discussed here: raccoons, braces, police brutality, etc!

Let’s watch an interview with Jay shot the same day at the same event! Now we get to see him offstage, getting real.

Jay is, of course, super funny on Twitter. Here are some recent high quality posts of his, a lot of fun here!

On our way out, we’ll take a look at this real good comedy sketch about ghosts! Sometimes ghosts can be nice, helpful even!