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Okay friends! Let’s meet another funny person whose jokes are of great quality! Jacqueline Novak is a NYC-based comic whose star is On. The. Rise!!!! You may have seen her on late night TV, heard her standup album Quality Notions, or read her book How To Weep In Public. If not, I recommend you do all of those things! Start here, with her set from late last year on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Speaking of her album, here’s a very goofy trailer for her record, starring a bunch of great comedy people like Ben Kronberg and John Early.

And here’s a chat she did with Lena Dunham about her book, How To Weep In Public, and other things! Lena Dunham!

Let’s give a big ole Follow Friday to our friend Jacqueline! She’s @jacquelinenovak on Twitter and here are some of her high quality Tweets:

Okay, before we go, let’s agree on one thing: we love watching hecklers get destroyed, yeah? Here’s a several years old clip of Jaqueline having a ton of fun at the expense of an overconfident audience member. See you next week!