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Hey friends! Funny Human of the Week time. We’re back to talk about another up and coming comedian, someone whose work I feel like deserves your attention, someone who I bet you’ll be seeing more of in the very near future! This week we’re going to check out the work of Jana Schmieding, a writer/performer/podcaster/all around funny person based in Los Angeles.

Let’s start here, with a heart-wrenchingly open (and also very funny) video of Jana panhandling for a date on the subway in New York. She gets real here, folks!

Next up, let’s check out a clip of her standup! It’s a lot of fun.

Jana hosts a very good podcast called Woman of Size, which invites comedians, activists, writers, and journalists on to talk about their experiences with body-based discrimination. Jana, via the Woman of Size podcast, produced this video roasting various romantic comedy tropes called Rom-Commentary!

Go give Jana a follow on Twitter! She’s got funny tweets and also posts photos of her amazing beadwork, which rules too!


One last clip before we go! It’s a long one, and for good reason: we’ve got a live episode of the Woman of Size podcast, recorded last year at the Lyric Hyperion in Los Angeles. Enjoy!