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Let’s talk, ok? More specifically about a comedian. More specifically comedian James Veitch, an English comic who very recently appeared on Conan, doing this extremely funny multimedia bit about some fun he had with a wrong number.

James’ absurdist, over-the-top engagement with this sort of mundane daily inconvenience is further expanded upon in this TED Talk he did about his experiences replying to spam emails. Let’s learn more!

Our new friend James is also the host of a webseries on Mashable called Scamalot, where he digs deeper into the world of spam emails! There’s deep well of infinitely goofy stuff to be explored here.

Similar to his live performance, many of James’ best tweets come with a pictorial accompaniment. Let’s look at some such posts now!

Before we go, let’s watch another instant classic slideshow-y type Conan appearance from James, where we find out exactly how difficult of a roommate he is!