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It’s time for Funny Human again! Let’s meet Jak Knight, a supremely funny dude who you’re going to be hearing more from in the very near future. He’s toured with and opened for a ton of hilarious comics and has written on a couple of exciting projects. Let’s watch this clip of his set on Comedy Central’s The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail! His shirt is blurry even though the clip says it’s uncensored!

Good right? So good! Here’s another clip that brings the heat:

Speaking of Comedy Central, here’s a clip of Jak’s recent appearance on Adam Devine’s House Party, home to some of the most exciting up-and-comers these days!

Jak’s a real fun dude to follow on Twitter! He tweets a bunch of fun jokes about hip hop like:


And then also just as great jokes about other things too! Like the time he played Pokemon Go in front of John Cena:


Last but not least, here’s a fun sketch starring Jak produced by Comedy Central! It’s called Anonymous’s KKK Hack and it’s about exactly that! See you next week!