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Hey friends! It’s time to meet another super talented comedian whose jokes I think you’ll really enjoy. You know the drill, this is like the millionth time we’ve discussed this. It’s Funny Human of the Week! This week we’re getting to know Jacqueline Novak, a New York City based standup who’s appeared on The Tonight Show, The Late Late Show, and HBO’s Animals, to name a few things. Here’s her set from The Tonight Show from just a few weeks ago! It’s super funny! She talks about french fries for six minutes.

A while ago, Jacqueline had her very own Comedy Central Half Hour. See below for a clip from her special, a bit referred to as Apple Woman.

Have you ever met Lena Dunham? Jacqueline has. There’s video proof of them hanging out, having a frank but super fun discussion about depression! Let’s watch:

As we’ve seen, Jacqueline is very funny and charming. So of course she’s great at Twitter. Here are some recent favs that will show you what I mean!

Also please click through to this thread, it’s super funny and real as hell.

Bombing. Every comedian deals with it. It’s not fun, but it’s a fact of life for standups. Let’s hear from our friend Jacqueline about it for a segment called Worst I Ever Bombed.

Before we go, let’s check out one last clip, her set from The Late Late Show with James Corden! Just like her Fallon set, it’s about food, but this time not specifically fries!