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Hello! Let’s meet an extremely good and funny comedian that’s going to be famous really soon. His name’s Jaboukie Young-White, who you may know from being the person behind the best Twitter account going (@jaboukie) or from his recent appearance in the movie Rough Night. Here’s some good tweets to intro u to our new friend:

Not to be confined to tweets as a medium, Jaboukie is also extremely great at Instagram, be it uploading inspirational edits of popular songs:

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the cranes in the sky video is so healing

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Or adding super funny captions to photographs of plants:

Jaboukie is also a talented comedic actor, as you can see from his roles in web shorts like Black Tylenol:

Or Clickbait:

Okay, before it’s time to go for another week, here’s a handful of other high quality tweets from our friend Jaboukie. If you aren’t already following him, why aren’t you?????????