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HEY! You might know this week’s human. If you don’t, you will soon! Her name is Issa Rae and she’s been burning up the internet for the last several years with her very popular and good webseries The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl. HBO just recently picked up a pilot inspired by the Awkward Black Girl series called Insecure that Rae co-created with Larry Wilmore, and that’s really cool! Let’s watch the episode that started it all:

Yes! Good! How about we get to know Issa a bit better, using this installment of this quality interview show The BIZZ Plan, where she talks about her progresses and struggles as a creator. What a cool lady.

Issa’s got a good Twitter. Nice mix of personal updates and ridiculous observations. This is perhaps the best way to keep Issa in your life, which is something you should most definitely be doing. Here are examples:


Here’s an episode of her very good and funny music vlog series Ratchetpiece Theatre, where she dissects a track from weirdo rapper Young Thug.

Issa wrote this real clever sketch that imagines if the audience at a movie screening was made up entirely of classic Twitter archetypes. You got the overeager political analysts, the vocally horny men (and women), the snarky commentators, and the attention-starved narcissists. It’s Black Twitter Screening!

Okay, on our way out, let’s watch one last thing, a very informative bio doc put together to profile our new friend Issa! Good stuuuuuffff.