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It’s time for another Funny Human of the Week, where I tell you all about a comedian person whose jokes I like, and often am able to plug something I happen to be involved with along the way! Let’s do this!

Meet Ian Abramson, he’s a very funny young man from California, who now lives in Chicago, where he’s quickly ascending through the ranks of the city’s standup comedy scene. You’ll find Ian diving headfirst down conceptual k-holes during a set, dropping sharply written one liners in between longer explorations of themes like time travel, math, and poorly behaved children. Let’s watch Ian’s appearance on Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers, a delightful public access show broadcasted here in Chicago.

(Andy Kaufman – real life meanness) + (Mitch Hedberg – drug additiction) = Ian Abramson

Or something like that, right? Tweet me with your own comedy math suggestions!

One of the (many) reasons Ian’s been grabbing folks’ attention here in Chicago is that he’s got a real knack for producing one-of-a-kind, reality-bending events that perfectly capture his off-kilter comedic sensibility. Last fall, he organized a funeral for Henry Soapfloats, a Chicago-based prop comedian who definitely existed and passed away after 130 vibrant years of life.

Ian led the proceedings, inviting various people from Henry’s life to the stage to share their experiences, and after an hour or so, things went a bit off the rails. Long story short, Henry was reborn from Ian’s chest as a small baby boy.


It was a fun, exciting, and relentlessly weird night. I hope you were there! If not, I’m sorry you missed it!

Now’s the time of the column where I post some Tweets.

These two I actually said “UUUUGH” out loud after first reading them:

Ian’s one of the only people I’ve seen prank himself on Twitter. I’m not sure why he posted this…

Two more favs…

So, as I mentioned before, I’ll often use this space to promote things I’M involved with, even though it’s a thing that’s supposed to be about someone else. Ian and I are collaborating on a one-off standup comedy showcase unlike anything you’ve heard of before. If you watched that first video I posted (which you did of course you did), you might have noticed that Ian wasn’t performing to an audience. That means no laughs at the end of his jokes! He kept going though and still had a very good set, right?

We’re exploring this concept this Saturday here in Chicago at a show called 7 Minutes in Purgatory. We’re asking some of our favorite comedians in the city to do their set in an empty room with just a microphone and a camera, which is hooked up to a projector in another room that’s housing an audience.

The performer will do 7 minutes of material but have no idea how they’re doing. They won’t know how long to hold for laughs/applause/etc., they won’t know if someone’s heckling them, they won’t know anything. How’s it going to turn out?? We don’t know and that’s the EXCITING part. If you live here in Chicago I sure hope you can make it out to the show! If not, I’ll tell you how it went in next week’s edition of this here column!