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Our true crime festival, Death Becomes Us, is right around the corner, happening this weekend in DC! We’ve been somewhat true crime obsessed around these parts lately, so it makes sense to feature a true crime aficionado as our Funny Human of the Week this week. He also happens to be appearing at the festival this weekend, recording a live episode of his wildly popular podcast Last Podcast on the Left… It’s Henry Zebrowski!

Henry’s a super funny character actor, in addition to being a podcast host and standup comic. Here’s a sketch he did for Comedy Central’s sketch webseries Ya Killin Me. He was born to play a bummer of a clown!

I mentioned above that Henry’s a standup comic. Here’s a weirdo character bit he did called Mr. Big Hands. It’s bizarre and of course super funny!

Our new friend Henry is very funny on Twitter. Here are some recent Good Posts from The Man.

You may also recognize Henry from the massively underrated Adult Swim series Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell. Here’s a short clip from the show, which is truly insane and filthy and weird!

On our way out, let’s throw on a recent ep of LPOTL to get stoked for their live show, huh? Here’s the first installment of a new series they’re doing, covering the unbelievable (but true!) story of the Donner Party!