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Unbelievable, it’s time for another round of Funny Human of the Week. Let’s get to know an extremely good and funny person through their work, ok? This week’s featured performer is Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby, whose Netflix special, Nanette, recently premiered and has gotten a ton of attention (and for good reason!). Let’s watch a preview to get us acquainted:

Here’s Hannah discussing her impressions of life in the American South, through her experiences living in Durham, NC.

How about we learn a bit more about her new special and the series of frustrating and traumatic experiences that influenced her along the way, care of the interview series BUILD.

Hannah’s on Twitter! Here’s a sampling of some key tweets of hers. Good stuff ahead!

Hannah was also recently a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers, here’s her chat with Seth, where she talks about how a broken wrist led her to the world of standup comedy.

One last nugget of comedy from our new friend Hannah! Here’s her appearance on the comedy debate show Great Debate at The 2017 Melbourne Comedy Festival, talking about the deep history of fake news.