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Friends, it’s mid-to-late July, which means that it’s time for the folks at Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival to bestow their blessings upon a bunch of up-and-coming comedians, naming them one of their New Faces. Many new faces are folks that we’ve featured in this very column before (finger on the pulse!!!) but some we haven’t yet!

One such person that we’re happy to feature today was among those named a New Face, it’s Hannah Einbinder! She’s a Los Angeles-based comic who’s been featured at Sketchfest and a bunch of the best shows around the country, such as Put Your Hands Together!

Next up let’s check out Hannah’s appearance on the comedy/interview show Ask A Funny Woman! An interesting thing about Hannah is that she hasn’t seen any movies.

More chatting! This is a real fun one, which features a longform story about a time that she was heckled while performing standup while stoned. Yikes!

Twitter has recently found a way to get worse, what with this new redesign that everyone seems to hate. Funny people like Hannah are the only reason the dumb site is worth hanging out on, check out some of these recent posts to see what I mean:

One last clip on our way out! Here’s Hannah (and a slew of other folks) doing standup at a show last Summer. Very cool and good! We love it! Congrats again to Hannah and all the other New Faces!