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Funny Human time, my friends! Let’s get to know another up-and-coming writer/performer/actor through a series of Youtube videos and social media posts, huh? This week’s human is appearing at Bentzen Ball this year as a part of the just absolutely stacked Los Espookys Live showcase, it’s Greta Titelman. She’s appearing alongside past Funny Humans like Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega, and Lorelei Ramirez. Let’s get to know Greta right now!

First up, here’s a clip of her appearance on Viceland’s VICE LIVE. She lives out her dream of being a Southern California stoner babe and it’s a lot of fun.

Here’s a fun lil clip from a few years back about a situation we’ve 1000% all been in before.

Greta hosted a series for Bravo called Personal Space, where she goes in deep with a group of celebrity guests guests about a touchy subject. The episode we’re going to talk about breakups!

New York City is a city of big characters and personalities. Olive Roe, world’s smartest woman, is one of them!

Twitter’s only fun if you have a bunch of funny people like Greta in your feed! Here’s a few quality posts to give you a taste of what to expect:

On our way out, let’s enjoy our new friend Greta’s appearance on the always great Las Culturistas podcast, chatting with hosts Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang about Riverdale, pop star fandom, and more!