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Friends, we’re back to talk about another high quality joke telling person who I think you’ll be excited about. This week’s person is the New York-based comic/writer/actor/etc. Fareeha Khan, who has worked with the folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live, Comedy Central, and Funny or Die on various projects on the web, and is the star of the delightful webseries Ronnie: A Profile of a Comedian in Four Parts. Here’s the first one!

Fareeha is a real fun standup, too, as you’ll find out when watching this clip of a recent performance, at the well-loved comedy showcase Asian AF.

Next up is a clip from MTV’s very good series Decoded, which feaures a segment from out new friend Fareeha all about the lack of Asian actors in Hollywood productions.

Man Twitter gets worse by the day, you know? But some people keep the bad site light and fun with their jokes, which is nice of them. Fareeha is one of those people and we should thank her for it.

On our way out, we’re gonna watch a damn IRL supercut of a bunch of short character bits that Fareeha does. You love to see a big parade of goofs like this.