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Alright, hello. This is Funny Human of the Week where I tell you about a funny person who’s good at jokes and we all leave happy. Today we’re going to talk about Eudora Peterson, an NYC-based comedy writer whose work can be seen on The Toast, The Hairpin, and Jezebel. She also occasionally posts character-based video sketches to YouTube, like this one, You Need A New Man, which is weird and silly and actually maybe has some good advice???

She hosts this fun fashion column video blog for Jezebel called Fashion What Ifs, featuring all sorts of useful tips and tricks. This one’s all about how to look your best coming home from an extended night out!

I only recently began following Eudora on Twitter and JEEZ was it a good idea. Good tweets! Like these:

Also these tweets! A myriad of great tweets!

Give her a follow, for sure.

We’ll part ways on this vid, which finds Eudora walking in a field explaining why she’s so excited about the Bic for Her line of pens for ladies. Fun and weird stuff on the way out!