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Hello and we’re back! I’m here to introduce you to another extremely good comedian whose jokes I feel you’ll enjoy. This week’s featured person is Erik Griffin, a cast member of Showtime’s throwback series I’m Dying Up Here, who’s also appeared on Workaholics, Bob’s Burgers, and Arrested Development.

Erik’s debut hour special aired on Showtime earlier this year, which is exciting for him, you know? Let’s watch some behind the scenes stuff care of the folks at Showtime, featuring footage from I’m Dying Up Here and some standup nuggets.

Enough beating around the bush tho, let’s watch some comedy! Here’s a clip of him doing standup on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Oh wow here’s something, a movie themed interview show hosted by Bobby Lee featuring special guest Erik Griffin. This thing goes off the rails, as one would imagine.

Erik appeared on a storytelling show organized by the punk rock record label SideOneDummy, where he talked about his first tour as a professional comedian, which happened to be across Montana went as well as you could imagine.

Okay, one last standup clip from our new friend Erik. It’s about a flight gone very wrong. Real nightmarish stuff to go out on, honestly.