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O-KAY. Here we go again, let’s talk about another funny person with good videos and Tweets and all that. This week we’re taking a look at Eric Andre, host of The Eric Andre Show, the best talk show of the 21st Century, and overall VERY funny human.

You’ve seen The Eric Andre Show right? Some dude recently tweeted at Eric “Yo @ericandre your show is exhausting” and he’s not wrong. Cohosted by Hannibal Buress, The Eric Andre Show is pure chaos, it’s anarchy on film. It’s supremely bizarre and feels genuinely dangerous. IT’S VERY GOOD. Here’s an interview with boxer Victor Ortiz.

They say you can best know a man through his advice, the wisdom he can share with others. Let’s get to know Eric on a deeper level through what he recommends to readers of GQ, who ask him some questions about dating!

This week, Eric’s coming to Chicago as a part of the Onion & A.V. Club’s 2nd Annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival, doing standup at the beautiful Thalia Hall. Let’s get a little preview of what to expect from this guest monologue he did on Conan last year!

His tweets are very On Brand and ridiculous, as well. Follow this man!

He got really into dates a while back and things have never been the same:


So alongside the insane guest segments on The Eric Andre Show, there are also even more insane man-on-the-street type segments, that are part Jackass and part nihilist Candid Camera. Let’s scoot on out of here with this last clip, okay? I’ll see you later.