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We’re back with another nice batch of comedy from an up-and-coming funny person who you’re going to like! This week’s human is Emmy Blotnick, head writer for Comedy Central’s The President Show and very funny standup comic. Let’s watch her do standup in a clip from earlier this year.

Comedy Central has been a fan of Emmy for a while now, here’s her appearance on @Midnight a few years ago! She gets a couple of solid zingers in!

Here’s a real fun clip entitled Emmy Blotnick vs. Barry’s Bootcamp, part of a series called Comedians Try Hot New Workouts from Self Magazine. It gets intense!

Let’s watch Emmy attempt to do standup in a dog park in the middle of winter, care of the goofy webseries Comedians in Public.

Our new fun Emmy is very funny on Twitter, which is not hard to believe. See below for a handful of nugz from the feed!

Okay folks, one last clip before we go, it’s a makeup tutorial she put together that is super informative! It’s a timeless look done in a great new way. Thanks Emmy!