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Hi! We’re back to talk about another comedian who’s good at jokes and things, you know? This week’s human is the extremely funny Emma Willmann, who you may have seen on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and/or MTV2, or heard her on NPR! Here’s her late night debut on Colbert from 2016, it’s great!

Emma recently performed on A Prairie Home Companion, a radio show. You can watch her perform live to an audience for the radio. Technology!

Here’s a real quick one, her appearance on the webs eries Seven Stupid Questions where she’s asked seven questions of varying level of stupidity! Fast and nice way to get to know her.

Just like all her fellow jokepeople, Emma is on Twitter. She’s funny on there and you should give her a follow! Here are some fun favs:

Let’s watch a short video featuring Emma about the road to performing on Colbert! It’s a real interesting look behind the jokes!

Okay, on our way out, let’s throw on the debut ep of her new podcast with the equally great Matteo Lane, it’s called Inside the Closet and it’s very good!