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Hey! How are you? It’s time to meet another comedy person who’s good at telling jokes. This week’s Funny Human is Emily Heller! In addition to being a very funny standup comic, she’s appeared on BoJack Horseman, Maron, and Inside Amy Schumer, and written for shows like People of Earth and Surviving Jack! Emily appeared on Conan earlier this week and is in general, very good and funny. Let’s watch that Conan spot!

Emily also starred in her very own Comedy Central half hour special last year! That’s cool, right? Here’s a clip from it:

Did you know Emily is also, in addition to being a funny person, she’s a psychic? Here she is sharing her gift with John Mulaney.

Here’s an installment of long-running comedy game show @Midnight’s signature game, Hashtag Wars, featuring Emily and two other great comics!

This is the part of the column where we share a person’s Twitter hits! Emily’s got a lot of ‘em!

Let’s bookend things quite neatly with Emily’s *first* appearance on Conan back in 2014! She’s been this funny for that long, folks! See you next week.