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Hi folks! Let’s talk about another comedian who’s super funny and on-the-rise, as they say. For this week’s installment of Funny Human of the Week, we’re going to get to know Eliza Cossio a writer and comedian who’s a writer on Wyatt Cenac’s recently announced HBO series Problem Areas, and was until recently The Daily Show’s Senior Latina Contributor.

To get us started, let’s watch one of her many great Daily Show segments! Here’s one from back during the 2016 election when the nightmare of Trump as president seemed impossible and absurd. I miss those days…

Here’s a handy guide to how to properly protest in these fraught times, care of her helpful webseries Please, Just Like… Don’t.

Eliza got her start at Comedy Central as an intern. Here she is reuniting with one of her old friends from her internship to pitch a great new show idea!

Friends, Eliza is extremely good on Twitter. Just super funny, conceptually delightful posts all over the place. Here’ are some real choice ones:

Eliza isn’t a tall person. Bill DeBlasio is a tall person. Here’s a meeting between those two people, where things don’t got very well.

Okay, before we go, let’s take a look at one of Eliza’s other passion projects, her lifestyle blog, Lifestyle Liz. It’s time for a delightful tour of her artisanal kitchen!