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Folks! As you may or may not know, we are throwing a David Bowie-themed Yuri’s Night party this Friday, Ground Control to Major Party at the National Air and Space Museum. So that had me thinking about some past David Bowie type of goofs from over these years that have stuck with me and would make for a good anchor for a Funny Human of the Week column. One high-concept bit that I’ve come back to over the years is musician/comedian/writer/multihyphenate weirdo Ed Schrader’s spot-on impression of Bowie doing standup that tricked a handful of media outlets back during a comparatively innocent time online, 2010. Listen here, it’s so so good.

That’s not where the the Schrader/Bowie content stops, my friends! Ed also created the surrealist animated webseries A Family Affair, which features David Bowie in a series of unusual, often mundane scenarios. Here’s an episode called “Rush and Dave” where Dave Bowie and Rush Limbaugh co-host a morning talk radio show together!

Ed is a special kind of artistic human, who has effortlessly traversed various creative worlds, vacillating between comedy and music while being very good at both. His raucous garage punk band Ed Schrader’s Music Beat is obviously influenced by Bowie’s omnivorous sonic appetite and penchant for experimentation, though is often more abrasive than anything found in the Starman’s catalog. Here’s a clip of our new friend Ed performing a really good track called “Riddles” on the Adult Swim webseries William Street Swap Shop.

Twitter’s bad, we all can agree. But if you’re gonna be on there, following accounts and doing posts, it’d be a good idea to throw Ed a follow! That way you can see fun Tweets like these all the time!

Okay, one last Ed Schrader/David Bowie clip on our way out, and it’s an extended one! Here’s a David Bowie tribute set Ed played in July 2016, bringing some wild Music Beat energy to a set of Bowie jams.