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Welcome back to the Funny Human of the Week column, friends. Let’s learn about our new friend, comedian Dulce Sloan! Dulce is an Atlanta-based comic who is VERY funny and just recently returned from Montreal after appearing as a New Face at the Just For Laughs festival up there, which is a pretty big deal! Let’s watch a recent clip of her performing at the Laughing Skull, a very popular and good club in Atlanta.

Like I mentioned before, Dulce just got back from Just For Laughs. This is an interview she did with a man named Mr. ShoBiz while up there! We can watch it and learn things about Canadian and American white people, Abrahamic religions, and more!

Here’s another clip of Dulce at the Laughing Skull, it’s a great encapsulation of everything she does well: confident, incisive racial commentary that feels totally fresh. Real big fan of this clip.

And then of course Dulce is on Twitter! Give her a follow after you check out a selection of her QTs (quality Tweets) embedded below this sentence!

Okay, one last clip before it’s time for us to part again. Here’s Dulce’s appearance on comedy chatshow webseries A moment with Celeste, which is like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee but if Jerry Seinfeld was taught about gentrification by his guests. It takes a minute to get going but is a fun little hangout with our new friend! Seeya later!