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It’s time to meet another comedy person, my friends. This week’s Funny Human of the Week is Drew Tarver, who you may recognize from his many appearances on Comedy Bang Bang, Seeso’s Bajillion Dollar Propertie$, and/or Comedy Central’s The Other Two, or just from being real funny online. Here’s a clip featuring one of my favorite CBB appearances in ages, featuring Drew as his new wave singer character Martin Sheffield-Lickley.

Let’s get to know Drew in this nice lil interview shot for Last Call with Carson Daly. Before hearing about his new show The Other Two, we start off by hearing about how his dad owned a damn candy factory and that is insane, to me.

Next up is a pretty rockin’ clip featuring Drew giving us a tour of the LEGENDARY Sunset Strip. He was there when it mattered, and things have changed, folks.

We’re midway through the column so you KNOW that means it’s time to look at some Twitter posts. Here are some real good ones from our new friend Drew!

More characters! Here’s Drew as a nice southern lady. It’s like one of those normal character videos and then it gets real weird!

On our way out, let’s watch this ridiculous clip where Drew plays a Genius grant recipient/sex researcher/total greaseball perv. It’s great and Drew’s super funny and we all agree about it!