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Friends, it’s time to meet another new up and coming comic! This week’s Funny Human is Dina Hashem, a New York-based standup who is among the crop of folks that will be featured on a recently announced new series of short stand up specials from Comedy Central called Comedy Central Stand-up Featuring, recorded at famed Brooklyn venue Littlefield. Here’s Dina on Conan last year!

There was a time not long ago that the Roast Battle concept was THE hot thing in comedy. Remember? Roast Battle! Some of it was actually really great! For example when Dina took on fellow comic Dave Kinney back in 2017. Really fine work on some of those zingers.

Dina’s very funny on Twitter. Give her a follow! Expect some solid nugs like the ones below!

Our new friend Dina travelled to Melbourne, Australia a few months ago and crushed in front of a massive crowd! Let’s check out this killer set!

On our way out, let’s enjoy a nice longform interview with Dina care of the fine folks at the Keith and the Girl podcast!