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Hello, welcome back to ANOTHER installment of Funny Human of the Week, where I insist on greeting you in the opening sentence and then explain that it’s a collection of videos, tweets, and other web ephemera from a person whose goofs are good. This week’s human is Derek Sheen, a Seattle-based comedian who is recording his second album at Comedians You Should Know in Chicago tonight (Wednesday, June 24th) and tomorrow night, (the 25th).

Derek’s opened for huge acts like Patton Oswalt and Janeane Garofolo and has attracted a boatload of praise over the years. That’s because he’s very funny and has a super self-critical and incisive sense of humor that few people have mastered. He can something simple like the slip of the tongue and turn it into a full-scale indictment of his mental capability and social prowess. Let’s watch this clip from his first album recording and you’ll see what I mean!

Good stuff, yeah? Here’s another clip, this one we learn a bit more about his current place of residence, Seattle!

Let’s learn a bit more about Derek through this bite-sized podcast, It’s All True! with Chicago’s own Tim Barnes. It’s a good listen!

Derek’s a good Twitter man, give him a follow if you haven’t already! Check out some hits here:

I’m always happy to discover when a funny human has appeared on Spicy News, which features comedian reading monologue jokes after eating a hot pepper! I always wonder what it would be like if you were to show this to someone without seeing the first 30 seconds of the video where they actually eat the pepper. Just a thought, you know?

Alright, just one last clip before I let you go in peace. Here’s a clip called “Wyoming” about a trip he took to Wyoming and visited a motel. It’s a lot of fun and also PRETTY GROSS.