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Hey friends, we’re going to talk about another standup comedian whose got extremely good jokes, because that’s the whole thing around Funny Human of the Week. This week’s human is the extremely good and funny Debra DiGiovanni, who you may recognize from Conan, Last Comic Standing, and a bunch of other Standup On TV serieses over the yearses! Here’s a set Debra did on Conan earlier this year, which is just great.

Our new friend Debra is originally from Canada, and has been a regular face on Canadian TV for years! Here’s a fun lil clip from the Gala of Laughs up in Canada from just this past Summer.

Would you rather? is both a fun road trip game and an oft-relied upon default for short video interviews online. Here’s a round of WYR Debra played on the Marc and Mandy show!

Deb’s out here making real excellent tweets even during the hellscape of 2018! Check these posts out!

One last vid before we part ways for another week, let’s throw on a nice long one, it’s the debut episode of Brew Haha, a comedy drinking game featuring Debra, as well as the very funny David Gborie and Chris Fairbanks! Good shit!!