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Hello! How are you? It’s another thing about a joke maker I like and how their goofs are good! Inspired by the very good Comedy Central TV show Drunk History, this week’s funny human is standup comic and recent DH storyteller Dave Ross. He’s a friendly, likable presence onstage and has a work ethic other up-and-coming standups should learn from. Here’s a clip of his standup from the now also TV-famous Meltdown comedy showcase.


Dave’s a member of the sketch group WOMEN, which posts pitch-black, bites sized video sketches once a month. You know how most online comedy shorts are like, moderately funny at best? WOMEN figured out a workaround, somehow! So many of their clips are really great. Here’s three favorites:

Dave was also the founder and producer of Holy Fuck Comedy, a weekly comedy showcase in Los Angeles that ran from 2009 until 2013, culminating in the recording of a 47 track album that featured short sets from beloved acts like Dana Gould, Matt Braunger, Beth Stelling, Natasha Leggero, Rory Scovel, T.J. Miller, and a bunch more. The whole thing can be yours for just $8, I highly recommend you pick it up!

Here’s the part of the column where I post some tweets that I like and want to share with you/the world. Here goes:




Dave also hosts a very good podcast called Terrified, which features interesting and insightful conversations with standup comics and musicians. Things often get extremely personal, guests are asked to answer one of two questions at the start of the show: “What are you afraid of?” or “why do you hate yourself?” and people sure do get real. I’ve learned a lot about a lot of really great comics from this show, and you will too. Watch this clip, download the podcast, and we’ll meet back here next week.