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By Matt Byrne. Byrne is a freelance writer based in Chicago, IL. He runs The Steamroller, a blog about the alt/not shitty comedy scene.

For this, the inaugural Funny Human of the Week, we’ll spend a few minutes appreciating the unending stream of weird, media-spanning goofs flowing out of Chicago-based comedian Daniel Kibblesmith. Daniel works as a contributing writer for the Onion News Network, which is responsible for many of the site’s highest highs these days; some personal recent favorites include Bloomberg Defends NYPD’s Controversial Stop And Kiss Program, Hundreds Feared Dead In Coors Light Party Train Crash, and the perfectly batshit BREAKING: Dogs Running:


Late last year Kibblesmith’s first book, co-authored by fellow ONN writer Sam Weiner, How To Win At Everything was released. It’s a hugely entertaining collection of advice that’s equal parts John Hodgman and Jack Handey, offering tips on how to “win” in every conceivable scenario, including situations that don’t normally call for winners and losers, like apologies and eye examinations.


For a few months near the end of 2013, Daniel’s Garfbert webcomic was the light of my life. Garfbert imagines a minimalist hellscape occupied by roommates Dilbert and Garfield, and is credited to cartoonist Jim Jadams (Jim Davis + Scott Adams). Occasionally other characters from their respective cartoons would show up (one time Garfield fucked Dogbert) but mostly, it’s just Dilbert and Garfield getting caught up in all sorts of funny business. There is nothing better than Garfbert. I hope it comes back soon!


Daniel is also the author of @GOPteens, a pitch-perfect fake Twitter account aimed towards young, cool Republicans that, with shocking regularity, gets taken seriously by #TOCTs and Dems alike:


For more Kibblesmith, follow him on Twitter and maybe tune into Bravo once in a while, they might be rerunning the episode of Millionaire Matchmaker he was on a few years ago!