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By Matt Byrne. Byrne is a freelance writer based in Chicago, IL. He runs The Steamroller, a blog about the alt/not shitty comedy scene.

Hello! It’s me, Matt, I’m back with another handful of things birthed from the brain of one funny person. This week’s person is Onion News Network writer and Twitter misanthrope Cullen Crawford! He’s a super funny and talented dude and if you don’t already follow him on Twitter, please change that right now. I’ll wait.

Cullen’s one of the beautiful people responsible for the hugely successful increase in high quality videos from the Onion in the last few years. As a contributing writer for The ONN, he’s able to spend his time coming up and executing ideas like this one:

He’s also responsible for the concept behind Lazy Banksy, a totally delightful Tumblr that answers the question: “What if Banksy was even more hamfisted?” It’d probably look something like this!tumblr_murp6sXIWK1snpq3vo1_1280


He was a writer on The Late Live Show, a live, late night talk show that was one of my favorite things while it was here in Chicago (much of the show’s staff has relocated to Los Angeles last year, taking the show with them). Here’s a great character piece Cullen did for them at Chicago Sketch Fest in 2013!

What a bunch of good dogs!! RIP Mighty Lil’ Andrew!

Cullen is perhaps the best person on Twitter. Here’s a bunch of reasons why I say that:

via @HelloCullen
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The best! No one can disagree with me.

This last little thing is one of my favorites… Cullen, along with fellow Onion writers Andy Miara, Sam Weiner, and David Sidirov, put together this fan-made trailer for Adore, a provocative, weirdly trashy arthouse movie that came out last year. I don’t want to say too much about it other than that It’s great.

Right? Seeya next week!