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Hello! It’s one of those rare Funny Humans where it’s like, why am I telling you about this person, we all already know and love them!?! Stick around and you’ll figure out why, though! As we all know, Craig Healy is one of the biggest names in comedy, host of the beloved show Clip Cup. Well Craig’s got something new in store for us. But first… Clip Cup!

Craig! So good! Clip Cup! Let’s watch another one! I can’t get enough.

This one got dark! I’m talkin introspection… Where could it lead? Maybe a special guest edition with Chris Hardwick??

Sure but maybe also there’s something else? Something more… prestigious… Perhaps a mediocre drama about comedians? Yes please!!!

Okay so you might have figured out by this point that Clip Cup is not a hit TV show but a pitch perfect series of parodies posted to the web 5 years ago. Recently the show’s creators revived the Craig Healy character for Cuplicated, an absolutely perfect and hilarious parody of the treacly, self-mythologizing Shows About Standups that seem to pop up on every cable channel these days.

This is a masterfully executed stunt and the full Cuplicated pilot is available to watch via the new web content streaming platform Vioobu. You’ve got no excuse now to head over there and watch the full ep, it’s fantastic.