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Funny Human of the Week returns with another hugely funny human! This week we’re talking about Cole Escola, a New York City-based writer/performer/self-described “character actress trapped in the body of a teenage boy.” Let’s get started, his solo character work is aces, here’s a clip of him as a Tennessee Williams inspired Southern baby:

That baby’s seen some things, right? Here’s another short clip, where he stars as a fun and flirty Bernadette Peters getting help with her taxes.

Cole also regularly uploads videos in-character as Joyce, a twitchy middle aged New Yorker with an endless supply of quirks and hot takes.

More Joyce! She makes a new friend in this one!

Cole is super funny on Twitter. He’s one of my favorite recent follows. So mean and precise and hilarious.

Cole loves his Mom:

And here’s a few holiday nuggets:

One last thing before we go, here’s a cut scene from American Horror Story. What a twist ending!!